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Lori Anderson

I found your blog via another's and this hurts my heart. I'm so sorry. Words can't even get that sentiment right, but it's all I have. Lots of virtual hugs, too.


For us Christians, the passing of our loved ones may be painful yet we also have that assurance that she/he is already with our heavenly Father.

May God always be with you.
More blessings.

Cassy from Guitar Scales For Beginners


My heart aches after reading your post! I admire you for your strength and faith. My prayers are with you and your family.

Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

Hi Kim, I haven't seen you in forever & I had received an email about the loss of of your daughter & my mouth just hit the floor! First thing I did was yell for Graciella & shared w/her the news. My heart is w/you & your family. And I'm sending huge hugs your way. xo


I have your blog in my bookmarks folder and check it once in a while. I was shocked to see your post about your daughter!!!!! I'm so sorry to read this even though I don't know you :o(. We have been under the devils curse with this disease in our house as well. My son (who is 17) got it in 2007 and me when I was 10!! I'm so sorry for your loss. Sounds like God is lucky to have her in his presence now :o). My thoughts go out to you, you are a strong person!! Keep your faith!!

Liz Vellali

My heart goes out to you and I admire your strength in writing this post....as a mom of four your pain is unimaginable.

May God wrap you in his arms and give you comfort.


my prayers are with you and your family Kim....Karin

Tara Anderson

as a mom, my heart just breaks for you. I'm so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts. Hugs, Tara

Stephanie S.

Thank you for sharing this most important part of your life with all of us. The family is in our prayers and that God is watching over all of you. God Bless you.

Melissa Phillips

Thinking of you....much love Kim.


Oh Kim, my heart is breaking. I can't believe she is gone. I remember you sharing with me in emails the health issues your daughter suffered with in relation to the diabetes. But I guess I didn't think she would leave you at such a young age. But as you said, she is not suffering anymore and is in a better place. I do agree with that 100%. I am so sorry and thank you for sharing. Look forward to reading more if you choose to start another blog for that purpose. Hugs - Kathy

Pam Ballard

I have your blog on my blog on the sidebar and enjoy it from time to time. I found myself drawn to tears as I opened this. I do hope God continues to provide peace and comfort for you.


Kelsey is such a beautiful girl. I was very amazed during the funeral how much better she strived to make her life daily. The life sketch was truly amazing. Kelsey has set an example for the rest of us to be better throughout our daily lives.

Krista Nash

I am so terribly sorry to read this. I know very little of the health issues your daughter experienced as I am just a scrapbooker who found your blog via Melissa Phillips. But you and your family are in my thoughts. Your outlook on this time is a beautiful one and hope you can cling to these thoughts as those difficult days come.


I can't even imagine how and painful this must be. Huge cyber hugs and prayers headed your way. Your daughter is beautiful! I am sure she is doing well in heaven and loves and misses being here with you. May peace be with you. Lori

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